I dreamed that I had an evaluation

I received the evaluation from my three online classmates. It has been a surprise to see that I am a more critical person with my project than the idea that my colleagues have about it. I agree with the opinion of my colleagues about the details I have forgotten. I haven’t indicated the number of partners, trying to write more specific goals and related with all subjects. May I did it with the English language more than with another one subjects. About the work progress my evaluators have different opinions. Some of them congratulated me because all was explained and were surprised because I wrote all methodologies but I agree I can improve it with some details. My evaluators have similar ideas of mine in the last step (expected results) and I will try to be more specific. Actually I have been more critical and my self-evaluation gave a lower rating to my project than my evaluators have valued me.

As for the general opinion, although my colleagues indicate that the project is very good and they believe it is going to be real, I have to improve it. I like that they are going to take some ideas of my project, I will also do the same. I have been evaluating projects of other colleagues and it  will allows me to take some ideas from them and to improve mine. I can only be grateful for your opinion.

Thank you


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