My dream comes true

After some weeks that dream becomes the reality. It has been an amazing process. I thought it could be impossible to make my dream true. I thought I’m not a creative person but along this course I have learnt that if you have the support of some partners, if you have a feedback and you use it – all is possible. Here you can read the final version of my project. I would like to inform all of you, it is published in my e-twinning page and I will try to do this project. If you are interested, I’m waiting for your answer.



A WALK THROUGH A STORY (collaborative activity desing)

This is my  collaborative activity desing . Unit 4.


My dream this week is to get my students to collaborate with students from other countries using tools that allow them a permanent contact (at the same time or in different periods of the day).

My project is composed of four schools from different countries with students between 9 and 12 years old. This activity will take place over a month.

Four groups of 4 students will be formed in each class. One of them will be the spokesperson, responsible for the organization of the group.

In the activity will be formed an international class composed of a group from each country, in total 4 international classes composed of students from the four countries participating in the project.

Each international class will design a logo using canvas for it, flockdraw to make pictures or drawings in group or a tag using tagul (forming images with relevant words). All this will be shared in our twinspace in e-twinning.

The subject to be studied is a historical event in their countries in the last 50 years. For this, each student will interview their grandparents who tell them about the historically significant facts – in their opinion (e.g. the end of the dictatorship in Spain, the fall of the Berlin wall in Germany, the appearance of Solidarity in Poland or the Balkan war in Croatia).

These activities are programmed in a timeline using tiki-toki. Students can use it to upload news, videos etc. on the events so that their companions know them by commenting on the existing chat in e-twinning or using frampad an application where you can write collaboratively.

The next step is to create a presentation of the activity performed by each group using power point or prezzi under the supervision of the teachers. The last step is to create an electronic book (using issuu) with information about the four historical facts from each country.

In this process students can also use the existing video chat in e-twinning.

Finally, each of the groups in each class presents the work done with their partners from other countries to the rest of their class.

We could have only 4 historical facts or it is probable that the final product presents us with more information than the expected minimum.

This product will be published in school webpages or blogs created for the project and in twinspace in e-twinning .

Tools used: canvas, flockdraw, tagul, tiki-toki, frampad, power point, prezzi, issuu, e-twinning chat and videoconference.

I dreamed that I had an evaluation

I received the evaluation from my three online classmates. It has been a surprise to see that I am a more critical person with my project than the idea that my colleagues have about it. I agree with the opinion of my colleagues about the details I have forgotten. I haven’t indicated the number of partners, trying to write more specific goals and related with all subjects. May I did it with the English language more than with another one subjects. About the work progress my evaluators have different opinions. Some of them congratulated me because all was explained and were surprised because I wrote all methodologies but I agree I can improve it with some details. My evaluators have similar ideas of mine in the last step (expected results) and I will try to be more specific. Actually I have been more critical and my self-evaluation gave a lower rating to my project than my evaluators have valued me.

As for the general opinion, although my colleagues indicate that the project is very good and they believe it is going to be real, I have to improve it. I like that they are going to take some ideas of my project, I will also do the same. I have been evaluating projects of other colleagues and it  will allows me to take some ideas from them and to improve mine. I can only be grateful for your opinion.

Thank you

I was living a dream

I was invited to a radio interview . We were talking about music   : Pentagrama is a radio program about classic music and amateur musicians. I was talking about my orchestra ( wind orchestra) and about the project we are developing with my kindergarten . As you know Im headmaster in a small school ; we have kindergarten and primary school and I teach music.

Our idea was to offer  to the youngest students (3 to 5 years old) their first contact with the music  through a string instrument. Parents agreed with our idea and they help us buying the violins. We wrote a project which was approved by our administration and children are playing and enjoying.

Here you have a link to the interview ( min 14 to min 34). Soon I will upload my students playing violins.


Today I had a new dream. A walk through a story .

Really I have hard weekends working about this thrilling adventure in Open etwinning. I  tried to create a new project and I hope it will be real sharing my ideas with partners from other countries. Im waiting for your analisy and opinion. Feedback is important.

I was dreaming about… “Analysing my teaching”

I think teachers have similar goals. The main goal is to allow our students to enjoy their classes and, of course, I also want to enjoy.

I think I need to improve my knowledge of new tools and to have more practice. I would like my students to dance, play, touch, do outdoor activities. I would like to create a group in order to working in a collaborative group through projects (Problem Based Learning) and using games (Game Based Learning).

This is my dream. Now I have to wake up. I must learn all about these methods and I make my dream true.